Will your estate come with an Owner’s Manual?



Create your own personal what-to-do, who-to-call, where-to-find-it family information organizer.

In your absence, would your family know which bills need to be paid, who owes you money, the passwords to your computer, your final wishes, or even how to care for your orphaned pets?  The Beneficiary Book is a practical, no-nonsense, fill-in-the-answers guide is the perfect way to organize your life-and leave a caring, practical legacy for your family.

The Beneficiary Book Interactive e-Book is a book of questions designed to provide those all-important, must-have answers and vital information in times of crisis, death, incapacity or other family emergencies.  All you have to do provide the answers to questions only you can answer.

The Beneficiary Book is the best way to tackle this most important task and leave your important information organized and instantly available.

The Beneficiary Book includes:

  • Fill in forms on your computer and print the completed forms… or… print out blank forms to fill in by hand.
  • Detailed forms to record personal and medical information for ALL household members, including people with special needs.
  • Medical Information ID Cards to alert medical professionals where and how to obtain vital medical information about all household members.
  • Inventory forms to record both tangible and intangible assets… Checklists: Priority checklists for first things to do in the event of an emergency – A checklist for settling an estate – a Disaster Preparedness Guide and Checklist… There’s even a detailed form to record information about “who will” and “how to” care for your beloved pets.
  • Because this program is in PDF (Portable Document Format), you are literally a few mouse clicks from backing up and retrieving your data from any media source from a thumb drive to an offsite subscription backup service

To check out and demo The Beneficiary Book, please click on the following link:


For more information about The Beneficiary Book and The Gift of Answers Workshop, contact:

Ed Howat, Jr., CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, RCC



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