Don’t Forget the Women Part 3 of 3


Faith Popcorn wrote a book entitled Eveolution, The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women.  In this book, she discussed how the marketplace was not doing a very good job of dealing with the issues and needs that concerned women and how it was missing a great opportunity.

How do the Eight Truths apply to a financial services practice and how can they help you better serve your female clients and family members?  When a client dies, there is a shift toward the beneficiaries of the estate.  In the majority of situations, the primary beneficiary is female. Will you be the lead trusted advisor; will the family continue to work with you?  How well do you know the female spouse and the other members of the family?  What are you leaving to chance?

Here are the last two of the Eight Truths and how you can apply them to your practice and build a service model that addresses the needs of families.

7. Co-Parenting is the Best Way to Raise a Brand

How many women do you actively solicit for criticism and suggestions? If you have a client board of directors, how many members are women? Faith Popcorn says: “If you understand how your women customers think, and if you want to understand how they think, you’ve got to engage them in compelling conversations.”

Have you considered seminars and workshops for the women in your clientele?  What are you doing to create raving fans?  Many of your clients do not know each other; this may be your chance to start building your own “community” and connect your clients with each other.

8. Everything Matters – You Can’t Hide Behind Your Logo

Women do business with people they trust.  They need to know and understand you as a person: your values, your family.  You need to be as transparent as possible.  Everything you do matters.  Perhaps it is time to start over, at least in your mind. If you were to set up your business from scratch based on what you know now, what would you do differently?  How would you be staffed?  What products or services would you offer?  What would you change to do a better job of building trust and creating exemplary service to your clients?

Question: Why would your clients refer you?

Click here to open a Checklist that will help you improve your practice.  Pay attention to women, they are the present and future of your business.

Here are the top five concerns of women over 50:

  1. Feeling Financially secure
  2. Having a Comprehensive Plan in place
  3. Retirement Planning
  4. Outliving my Money
  5. Getting out of debt

Give me a shout and let’s talk about how to make your practice more female friendly.

Talk to me about The Gift of Answers Workshop and how you can prepare your female clients to take over as the pilot and position yourself as their most trusted advisor.


The Beneficiary Book is available as a downloadable PDF file and can easily be stored in the cloud or on a flash drive. The cost is only 19.95 per copy. You can go to: and purchase your copy.  If you would like to make The Beneficiary Book available to your clients, we can set up a special program to allow your clients to purchase copies at a discount.

Ed Howat




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